News: Now you can understand your buyers’ financial qualifications early!

Apr 8, 2019

Buying a property is almost every Malaysian’s ultimate financial goal as it is usually the largest purchase any of us will make. However, did you know that 60% of Malaysians face home loan rejections?

Having a clearer picture on how much loan one can have access to, and the probability of a successful home loan application saves not only the buyer, but the agent time, money and resources. In our quest to help 100,000 Malaysians “Own your home” by 2020, PropertyGuru proudly introduces Home Loan Pre-Approval, aimed at taking the mystery out of getting a home loan for property seekers!

With Home Loan Pre-Approval, property seekers can have a much quicker and better understanding of the loan amount they are eligible for to purchase their home. Also, the probability score on how likely their home loan application would be approved by banks. This means a smoother property transaction for them and you.

How does PropertyGuru Home Loan Pre-Approval work?

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 In less than 5 minutes, all property seekers need to do is fill in these details:

  • MyKad Identification number
  • MyKad Identification photo (front/back)
  • Income

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Then with 99% bank accuracy, property seekers will be provided with instant information and insight on:

1. Estimated eligible mortgage amount

2. Debt Service Ratio

3. Success probability of home loan application


How does Home Loan Pre-Approval help agents like you?

In reality, not everyone can obtain financing to purchase their home, therefore the Home Loan Pre-Approval is designed to help you generate better quality leads and surer deals.

Understanding the qualification of your buyers in relation to financial capacity helps you save time and be efficient in showing them properties that they are most-eligible for financially.

Here is a comparison of how the Home Loan Pre-Approval helps ensure that the process of searching and buying a house is smoother and hassle-free:

image-1 infographicsimage-2-infographics

As such, encourage your potential buyers to use the Home Loan Pre-Approval!

See for yourself the ease of using the Home Loan Pre-Approval today!


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