News: Gov’t Urged To Let A Single Agency Handle Projects

Apr 4, 2019

Malay Malaysia Contractor Association President Datuk Mohamed Fadzill Hassan has called on the government to revert to the previous system in which a single agency handles all government projects. 

Under the previous system, the Implementation and Coordination Unit (ICU), under the Prime Minister’s Department, gives out and supervises all government projects, reported The Star.

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Mohamed Fadzill noted that while the association supports the government’s present system, they still have their reservations.

“Our problem is that projects are being handled by the respective ministries or departments and agencies under them, making it difficult for us contractors,” he said.

“We hope a central agency will be put in charge of this.”

This comes as a centralised system would not only ensure transparency, it would also eliminate lobbying by individuals and groups wanting to clinch certain government projects.

“We also hope the government will carry out an open draw system to award projects to contractors and ensure those awarded are not given another project for at least a year,” he added.

“This will give others a chance to get a contract.”


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